The Ryk Mead Band, are indeed a blues band but by definition a lot more. A Stunning Power Blues, Jazz, Rock Trio. Through playing many different styles of music it has always been the case that the blues has had a deep influence on whatever type of material I’ve played. As time progressed, so did the inclination to select the more obscure and less trodden path of song and material I wanted to play. It's hard to say whether this is my influence on the other members of the band or if the others have joined because they feel the same about the way music has influenced them. Whatever the case my band has developed a style of its own. When i play live the set may change from night to night. We might suddenly change an arrangement or change direction at any moment within a song. The basis of the song stays the same but things change, imagination and feel for the moment take over; something new is created. Not even the guy’s in the band know when it's coming. This creates a tension and excitement that means things evolve and develop night by night.  With hard work it becomes possible. This makes every gig potentially electrifying and new. Ryk Mead, singer/guitarist, songwriter, Musical Director; Heart and soul of the band. A confirmed guitar virtuoso, started a gigging career on stage in the late 60s, touring in Germany from October 1969, he has built a reputation on solid experience gained alongside some of the worlds famous names, such as: Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Annie Lennox, Alison Moyet, The Pretty Things, Steve Waller (Manfred Man's Earth Band), Paul Fox and Dave Ruffy (The Ruts), Elmer Gantry (Stretch / Alan Parsons Project) Beverley Martyn (partner of former icon John Martyn) and a host supporting musicians from the professional arena. Working through many styles and genres, as professionals often do, Ryk has paid his dues and now has a world of experience to draw on. But if you listen you will hear in all these styles the heart of the blues. Internationally, this native Londoner is performing all over the world, from China to the United States. Recently appeared in the USA as supporting act for Willy Nelson, and in Europe often touring France. A mix of new songs and traditional covers plus original material. Genres are a spread over Rock, Jazz, melodic, and ethnic blues. Featuring songs from the album “Chicago” the last CD from Ryk Mead.  And his latest EP “Pictures in a Gallery”, due for release soon.

The Achievers are one of the most talked about and critically acclaimed new bands on the UK Blues and Roots Music scene. The UK & European Blues press agree that The Achievers are one of the most original and exciting bands to emerge in British Blues. Layered with four-part harmonies, joyful melodies and infectious, danceable rhythms there has never been a better time to see and hear The Achievers. Their unique approach and willingness to move away from familiar guitar-solo orientated styles prove that soul , grove and song-craft still matter in the blues.

This the current line up is the best and they are on fire right now; bringing their own unique sound and style of fun, playing their style of Country blues, Rock & Americana. Wherever they are playing including Festivals, theatres pubs and venues such as the 100 Club their ethos is always to have fun and make the audience are as well. The band are signed to the 3Ms Music label and have released one album to date with them Diff’rent Gravy which has been getting rave reviews. They’ve shared line-ups with likes of Bellowhead, Wilko Johnson, The Pretty Things, Jefferson Starship, Eric Burdon, Carl Palmer, The Blues Band, Stray, David Knopfler, The Quireboys, Dr Feelgood & the Yardbirds and they’ve supported Eddi Reeder & the Animals to name but a few. Left to Right: Nick, Dave, James, Jamie & Jake After 10 years of constant gigging the band’s line up has now evolved into the great live fun band that they are today with Jamie Williams leading them and who writes all of the songs which are then arranged by the whole band. Jamie ‘Jim Bob Mc’Williams (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Nick ‘Charity saint’ Garner (harmonicas & backing vocals), Dave ‘the Hat’ Milligan (lead guitar and backing vocals), Jake ‘The Dude’ Milligan (bass & backing vocals), James ‘The Hog’ Bacon (drums and percussion) also we have Paul Madden on drums when James is not available. It was at Pauls Studio in France The Coach House where they recorded their last album Diff’rent Gravy. Jamie Williams & the Roots Collective are all good mates on and off stage as they say “we are not a band we are a family.” They have honed the rough edges to become one of the most exciting and fun originals live bands on the circuit today. Their ethos is ‘it’s all about the party’ – they know when the audience is having fun they’ve got it right! This is a band who love to entertain people and to make them smile; to inspire them to dance & sing along too. Although the band plays festivals, and plenty of them, they still love playing clubs & venues in fact they just love to play live. With lots of UK & international air play, the band is gathering a worldwide following of loyal fans some of whom travel a great distance to see them play.

Glas (which translates as Blue in Welsh), are one of the hardest working trios on the UK circuit averaging two hundred and fifty gigs a year playing a unique mix of rock ‘n’ roll, blues, country, R’n’B, rockabilly and western swing - sometimes all in the same song. They even make the occasional foray into “prog” rock, inspired by the influence of Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, and Man. Like Man, Glas incorporate a gleeful sense of experimentation whilst staying true to their roots.

The unique vocal pairing of mother and daughter Lee and Tori Ainley. The raw, untapped talent of teenage guitarist Elliot Young. Musical direction by a former A&R manager who worked with John Mayall, Peter Green, Buddy Whittington and John Lee Hooker.

Put these all together with the driving rhythms of one of the South Coast’s most in demand blues drummers, and you end up with Lee Ainley’s Blues Storm – a band dedicated to entertaining audiences with a stunning selection of Blues infused grooves.

Put on your dancing shoes as it’s Blues Jim, but not as we know it!

Deep Blue Sea have crashed onto the UK music scene with a new wave of indie blues – a small selection of reviews are here:

100 Club, London – It’s blues Jim, but not as we know it. The quality of the playing alone would put this gig up there with the best but this is also great fun; the band obviously enjoy themselves and audiences will always pick up on that. Great performances and big smiles all around the room - that’s a good combination for a great night.
Allan McKay, Music Riot

Woodlands Blues Club - A breathtaking performance from Deep Blue Sea with a flawless mix of self penned songs and covers featuring a soulful harmonic voice and driving guitar work - we knew this was something special from the first song to the sudden rush to buy CDs at the end. Andy Davies, Woodlands Blues Club

Blues in the South - The new songs are simply outstandingly good. The instrumentation is nicely balanced and beautifully played with a voice and delivery to die for. Will this band will eclipse what has gone before? One comment: Given this start, No problemo!
Ian MacKenzie, Blues in the South - DJ

The Hope Tavern - With Iago on lead guitar, backed up by the rhythm section of Graeme on bass and amanda on drums and fronted by the beautiful Dregas with outstanding vocals, it just got better and better. What a cracking afternoon! and what an amazing band "Deep Blue Sea". Vince Collins, writer/blogger

The Blues Show on Bishop FM - Deep Blue Sea will float your troubles away with their great new sounds, no lifejacket required!
Gary Grainger, The Blues Show - DJ

The music of the "WANG DANG DOODLE BAND" confidentially "THE WDD" is based on R&B, blues but they easily go on heavily on rock and jazz.The elements usually taking a blues standard and bringing a rock sound and style to it. The band is based on three killer sections: the traditional rock roots come from kosmas guitar, the jazz syncopate rhythm from Francesco's drum , and the fabulous flying harp of laurent that with his energy and character is the glue of this musical engine by throwing his heart and his soul into his singing, from which approach the power of the blues is said to come...... This is The sound of the band a synthesis of different traditions in an explosive cocktail to drink without breath, perfect for blowing away the cobwebs and kicking off the weekend with a bang! THEY ARE THE WANG DANG DOODLE.

A howlin’ blues three piece - harmonica, guitar, drums – modelled after acts on the Fat Possum label such as RL Burnside and T Model Ford and in the tradition of Hound Dog Taylor and the like. But we also throw in a good heap of Little Walter and New Orleans music, including Professor Longhair and James Booker, making for a unique mix. We’ve been featured in Blues in Britain and our debut CD, a mix of originals and covers, has been getting radio airplay on blues programmes around the country and the US. Our motto: “Work all day for money, fight all night for love.”

The Mojo Preachers are a five-piece, female fronted, boundary-pushing outfit, delivering hard-hitting original tunes; conjuring up a melodiously intricate, authentic yet unconventional sound. Think raw riffs, psychedelic waves, rooted rhythms & thought-provoking lyrics, all with an occasional touch of sweeping, soaring, musical emotion that only progressive blues can bring.